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Field Trip Waiver

MAPS normally co-hosts one or two field trips per year with our sister clubs, either the Cedar Valley Rocks and Minerals Society, or the Black Hawk Gem & Mineral Society

MAPS-CVRMS Fall 2019 Field Trip, Sunday

October 27th, 2019

Joint fall field trip with the Cedar Valley Rocks & Minerals Society

at River Products Inc Conklin & Klein Quarries, Coralville, IA

A limit to the number of participants on the field trip has been imposed - YOU MUST RSVP TO BE ABLE TO GO ON THIS TRIP!!

Contact Marv Houg via e-mail to reserve your spot:

Conklin Quarry, Coralville, IA - 8:45AM sharp.

Meet at the main entrance to Conklin at 8:45 to sign in and get safety instructions.
Enter the quarry at 9:00.
This is a lock-in quarry; that is, the gate is locked behind us and no one can enter or leave (except in an emergency) until about 12:30 when we will move to Klein quarry. Others can join us at that time if they are waiting at the gate at Klein where we will continue until about 4:00.
These are 'hard-rock' working quarries.
Requirements are that you must be a member of the Cedar Valley Rock and Mineral Society or MAPS and sign a waiver.
Also we are going to be enforcing strict safety requirements such as everyone must have a hard hat on, a bright safety vest, and hard shoes (steel toed is preferred). No open toed sandals or tennis shoes will be allowed. Also long pants will be required, no shorts will be allowed. Some type of safety glasses and gloves are encouraged.

All children should be closely supervised.
Possible finds include: millerite, coral heads, horn corals, brachiopods, bryozoans, trilobites, crinoids and maybe cephalopods, fish parts, and blastoids. Useful tools include: rock hammers, cold chisels, sledges and pry bars.
Bring your own water and lunch.
You MUST be a member of CVRMS or MAPS to attend this field trip but you can join at the gate. To save time, download and fill out the club liability waiver at
Safety first! Please stay at least as far away from highwalls/ledges by as many feet as the wall or dropoff is high - that is, 25 feet away (minimum) from a 25 foot highwall or 25 foot dropoff.
To get to Conklin Quarry:
Travel to I-80 in Iowa City/Coralville. The quarry entrance is just north of I-80 at exit #242 (1st Ave), across the street from the Hampton Inn parking lot. Contact Marv with any questions: NOTE: If you do not have the safety equipment - you DO NOT go in. All safety equipment to be worn at all times while in the quarry! To save time, if you have not filled out the CVRMS Waiver form yet this year and are going to participate, please go to the website, print off the form and fill it out in advance:
To get to Klein Quarry:
take Hwy 6 (Coralville Strip/2nd Street) west of Coralville towards Tiffin to Deer Creek Road.
If you go under the Interstate, you have gone too far.
Take Deer Creek Road (340th Street) to the south past the intersection with 340th Street and continue south then follow the signs.

Picture of the West Face of River Products Inc Conklin Quarry, Coralville, IA:

Above is a view of the Middle Devonian strata exposed in the west wall of the River Products Inc Conklin Quarry. Unit contacts are approximate. River Products Klein Quarry exposes a similar Middle Devonian geologic section.

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