MAPS (Mid America Paleontology Society), Sponsor of National Fossil Exposition

MAPS Expo Digests

  • 2010 - The Ordovician (8.2MB PDF File) The Ordovician - An Introduction - John A. Catalani
    Size Does Matter - The Giant Nautiloids of the Arctic Ordovician Fauna - Robert C. Frey
    Late Ordovician Trilobites from the Upper Mississippian Valley - Robert E. Sloan
    Research in the Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician) Through Space and Time - Katherine V. Bulinski
    The Platteville Molluscan Fauna - John A. Catalani
    Always Serious About Cephalopods - James E. Preslicka
    Receptaculids the Forgotten Reef Builder - Thomas C. Williams
    Fossils of the Van Buren Formation and the Cambrian - Ordovician Boundary of Missouri - Bruce L. Stinchcomb
    Ordovician Trilobite with Possible Calcified Muscles - Scott McKenzie

  • 2009 - Crinoids (4.1MB PDF File) Introduction to Crinoids - Chris Cozart
    These are Not the Crinoids Your Daddy Knew - William I. Ausich
    150 Years of Collecting Crinoids at the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository - Tiffany Adrain
    A Crinoid Bank in the Mississippian of Eastern North America - Tom Williams
    Cambrian Crinoids - Bruce Stinchcomb
    Crinoid Collecting in the Burlington Limestone - Forest J Gahn